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Where To Buy Miraflex Glasses

Miraflex eyeglasses Brand is no longer available. The brand was acquired in first quarter of 2020 by Essilor Luxottica Group. Up to date we haven't been able to find out if they will be re-designing the Brand and if it will be available once again in the near future.

where to buy miraflex glasses

Miraflex frames have been a popular choice for kids and toddlers for many years. These frames were made of a flexible plastic and typically had no metal parts, making them ideal for kids who were hard on their glasses. The manufacturer of Miraflex recently sold the business to Essilor, and the warehouse has been closed, effectively ending availability of Miraflex frames.

Have you tried warming the glasses before bending them and then putting them in cold water after you bend them? With our second pair of Miraflex, we got a little slip of paper saying that you should get them warm, adjust, then run under cold water??? Anyone tried that?

does anyone know if Mira flex glasses are customizable. I want to have someone draw Spiderman or some kind of super hero so my son will like them? Does anyone know if that is possible? Does anyone know of someone that can draw on the glasses?

We know kids and carry innovative tough glasses frames that are made to last. We carry Nano Vista glasses, Miraflex glasses and Wiley X Youth Sports glasses, along with traditional frame glasses for kids in brands such as Rayban Jr, Polo & Lily Pulitzer.

Miraflex glasses is a collection of soft plastic frames offering a very comfortable option for kids. These are flexible & safe, Italian-made frames that have no metal parts and are BPA free, rubber free, latex free & are hypo-allergenic.

Experiencing tired eyes and digital eye strain? If so, blue light blocking glasses could be your solution! The effects of blue light are a growing concern for people in recent years. To combat the symptoms of digital eye strain, there are a range of different inventions including blue light filters, designed for computer screens and other digital devices that most people use everyday.

Blue light blocking glasses are specially designed to filter out the blue light emitted by electronic devices to protect your eyes from its harmful effects. Blue light is clinically shown to disrupt the natural human circadian rhythm, which impacts your ability to fall asleep and influences sleep quality. Limiting your exposure to blue light can help reduce symptoms like digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. Blue light blocking glasses can block out nearly 65% of blue light to help you avoid the distressing symptoms that blue light may cause. Find your perfect style of blue light blocking glasses to remain stylish and protected, no matter the activity, place, or occasion. 041b061a72

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