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112db Redline Reverb Vst Download

Probably the best quality reverb plugin that one can buy for under $150. You can find it on sale for somewhere around 100-125 occasionally. It's lush, warm, musical and works on basically everything. Incredibly light on the CPU, almost shockingly so for such a high quality reverb. I'm not sure exactly whats going on underneath the hood, but it adds something extra that you don't often find with many reverb plugins. There are so many decent sounding, but in my opinion, very sterile sounding reverbs out there. Not this one, it just sounds great. It can do small spaces when just a little reverb is needed to glue a drum kit together, to absolutely colossal spacey ambiences. The controls offer everything you need to sculpt the right space and nothing extraneous that might hamper your workflow. Lots of reverbs have come out in recent years, and honestly, I haven't been the slightest bit interested in them, Redline just covers all the bases. Also, the installation is refreshingly straightforward and easy, no obnoxious download managers or ilok, and most importantly, 112dB support is great. I believe they still offer a lengthy demo period with full functionality, so it's worth just downloading and seeing how you can incorporate it into your workflow.

112db Redline Reverb Vst Download

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