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Buy Invitation Paper

Are you planning to DIY your wedding invitations? Do you have any other great suppliers to add to our list? We love talking all about wedding stationery in our community, so join us there!

buy invitation paper

Sadly, my favorite paper shop, Paper and More, went out of business at the end of 2021. So whereas I used to buy all my paper from one retailer, now I use a bunch of different sources to meet my paper needs.

Like the name suggests, linen cardstock is made to look like linen fabric with a delicate woven texture and matte finish. The basket weave texture is perfect for hiding imperfections or quality issues that you might run into when printing at home. It also adds some visual interest to otherwise simple invitations.

I love to print the invitation details directly onto the vellum itself, but if you do this, I recommend layering it over a thicker paper for support. Or you can try overlaying un-printed vellum on top of your invitations to add subtle depth without the trouble of printing.

I love it for accents like belly bands and tags as well as for enclosure cards and vellum underlays. The white wood grain paper is great for weddings but it comes it a variety of other colors as well.

One of the lesser known papers for wedding invitations, laid cardstock has subtle vertical ridges traveling the length of the paper. For brides who want something a little different, this classically gorgeous paper still has a soft, romantic feel to it.

Wow, thank you so much for the helpful information. I have struggled with a couple of professional print shops messing up orders. I ideally would like to be able to control the quality first hand and really appreciate your help with the above information. Do you print many invites with photo? If so what type of paper do you print on to get the best quality. I have a laser printer HP MFP M479fdw and Canon TS9521c for different items I print and ship. I design for a lot of local events like graduations and want to make sure to give my customers the highest quality look and feel for their money. I look forward to hearing from you.

Felt paper has a texture created by rolling the wet sheets through presses that impart a specific finish. The soft finish makes it able to hold ink exceptionally well. For that reason, people often use felt paper for printing photographs, for fine art applications and for crafts such as card making.

You can find felt paper, coated paper and other types of paper for invitations and cards online at Limited Papers. You can buy felt paper in a variety of soft colors, with heavier cover stock and envelopes available as well.

If you prefer a glossier finish, you can also find invitation paper online with a range of coatings. Coated paper comes in high gloss, gloss, matte and even laid finishes. You can find coated paper that is coated on just one side or on both sides, and in a variety of weights. At Limited Papers, you can also find invitation paper online that is coated with bright colors or with mica, for a metallic finish. These are especially appropriate for more informal invitations and announcements.

For more information about felt and coated papers, or to place an order, you can send an email to You can also call (800) 797-7022, send a fax to (718) 499-5735, or reach us at our warehouse: 67 34th Street, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11232.

Our collection of cut cards, belly bands, and vellum wraps are ready and waiting for you. Folded cards are scored and ship flat and ready to fold. Choose from our large selection of colored, natural and specialty papers.

Naturally translucent vellum, unsurpassed in clarity, easyto fold with crisp clean lines, and superior printability. Available in several weights, cuts sheets, invitation wraps and belly bands. Perfect for special events.

A wide selection of brands and colors to mix and match with your favorite papers. A must-have for invitations, greeting cards and more. Available in the most popular sizes, with euro and straight flap options.

Meet Materica! A high-end uncoated matte cardstock paper, Materica is made with 100% e-friendly fibers. The 20% cotton content gives this paper a substantial and toothy feel, thicker than expected for its basis weight. Available in classic colors.

The Royaltone Linen embossed cardstock collection offers 7 elegant colors that are sure to impress. This cardstock is made for printing, invitations, greeting cards, menus, foil stamping and stationery.

Long winding kozo fibers run throughout Thai Unryu giving it its unique and interesting look, as well as suprising strength despite its light weight. Light filters through this extraordinarily beautiful paper showcasing its rich sheen and gorgeous fiber patterns.

Bring in the outdoors with beautiful wood veneer. Made with real wood, each sheet is unique. Can be die-cut, painted, stained, stamped, embossed, foiled, scored, folded, laser cut, stapled and sewn as if it were paper.

If you are a reseller or a paper professional who uses our products in the course of your business, then you are eligible for deeper discounts to allow you to grow your business. No minimum purchase required to take advantage of your discount. Sales Tax exempt status is required.

I think your website, is very easy to navigate and I especially like the tips about the different weights of paper and pros and cons of the different adhesives. The biggest reason I order from Cardstock Warehouse is your paper is the only paper I can find that is the same color through the core. It really sucks to cut through a piece of paper and leave a very visible edge showing a core that does not match the outer color. My order was very well packed and I received it in perfect condition.

I have placed two orders recently. One was for the Professional sampler of papers and the second was for some cardstock and envelope samples. Both orders shipped on time and arrived in excellent condition. I am very impressed with the quality of the products I received and am looking forward to placing another order soon which will be for the wedding invitation materials for the invitations I am making for a friend.I am very excited to have found your company.

I had such a good experience with my purchase. The website is super easy to navigate and there are so many great paper options and resources (photos that show the colors and comparison shots, etc) I was truly so amazed that I was able to get samples for a low price with FREE SHIPPING! This alone makes me so impressed. Researching paper for our wedding invitations has been a challenge because purchasing samples ends up being quite expensive at many places, but not with Cardstock Warehouse. Thank you so much for making this experience excellent.

This is beautiful paper! It goes through the printer easily and the glitter doesn't rub off. I have made some beautiful Christmas ornaments with it and I plan on using for many other crafts. I've recommended it to other crafters and I'll be ordering more. White Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter 104 lb. Cover

Your webside is easy to navigate, and I received my order in tip top condition since it was mailed in a box! I make handcrafted greeting cards, and I particularly appreciate that I can order a sample of a piece of cardstock that I am interested in purchasing before I make an investment in paper that will not suit my needs or is not heavy enough for a card base. Sampling is a great feature for a company to offer, and I appreciate you for that. No wonder I am a returning customer. By the way, the Stardream Lapis Lazuli pearlescent paper is stunning, absolutely stunning in every way, from the weight, to the amazing color, and the pearl effect. It speaks quality.

I have spent many years collecting, making, and creating with papers. I was greatly surprised at the choices you offered and when the beautifully wrapped package arrived I was even more impressed.The colors are unique... The quality and price of all my purchases was another reason I will be investing in more from your store.

This is the lightest (in weight) cardstock I've bought from CWPC, and it is, as every other order I've received, marvelous paper. Weight as described, rich color, great quality. I always feel like I've gotten a deal when I buy paper from the Cardstock Warehouse. A fan and many-times repeat customer.

I just received my order, which was ahead of schedule. I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty packaging, and the paper and envelopes I ordered are lovely. I will happily order from you again in the future!

Hello, I received my recent order sooner than expected - thanks! And it was delivered in great shape! I'm looking forward to using the paper in my scrapbooks. The website was a bit of a challenge to navigate at times but I was able to find what I needed. The colors are amazing! Thank you!

I received my order today and absolutely LOVE the nice packaging!! What a nice touch! The color of the paper was exactly what i was hoping for. Shipping was super fast, too. 5 out of 5 stars! I will be ordering again for sure

I started making wedding invitations at the beginning of the year. My orders were so rare, I only ordered materials needed for that order. I would go 30 minutes into town to get my supplies. Once the demand grew, I was left no choice but to find an online source for supplies. IM SO GLAD I FOUND CARDSTOCK WAREHOUSE! The paper is quality. The packaging is quality. Their customer service is quality. Every aspect from going online to ordering, to the moment I take my items out of the box exceeds my expectations. They have everything I need to complete orders. I highly recommend!

I use this company's cardstock frequently and it is of superb quality, durability and wonderful color palette to choose from. Impressive quick time from order to delivery. Pleased and order 100# paper often.

These papers are the best. They're very easy to work with and thick enough for card making. I do think my cards look a little more professional without white edges showing. I'm going to buy a ton more! 041b061a72

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