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this is where we leave the realms of theoretical debate, because frankly, you can argue about the finer points of sample-based or modelling-based pianos till you are blue in the face - and we just won't be there. what is certain is that, with the right setup, both styles of pianos can bring your compositions to life like nothing else before.


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so, we've established the credentials of both styles and we've also established that the true keys pianos have some beautiful acoustic instruments (and arguably, a more appealing sound), but is it any good? well, yes it is. we've been playing with the 'greatest hits' sample set, enjoying it very much, but also recognizing that, on the whole, it's a shame that we can't get the sound of a particular instrument out of the instrument.

playing over our sound on sound review (which, of course, you can read here) we also discovered that the sound quality is good, even excellent at times, and we discovered that it also coped well when buffering. it's definitely a sound that plays on quiet music or spoken word and you also get some superbly delicate and expressive 'pianissimo' textures when, in a given meter, holding down the sustain pedal. this is always an area where we find a bias in typical sampling libraries, as opposed to our own synth-based libraries. in fact, in our sound on sound review, we said we'd take any true keys piano into our recording studio.

vi labs true keys is not a simply a sampling library but a modular system of virtual pianos and hardware. the true keys piano has a distinctive timbre. it provides a touch of premium tonality reminiscent of electric piano tonality, but without the harshness that is characteristic of sampled hard-panned electric piano samples. the true keys piano has some of the warmth, the sustain and the touch of real-world pianos. it offers a blend of five sampling-based pianos - an acoustic acoustic grand, a b-3 grand, a baby grand, a baby grand with a rega 'planar' speaker and a new 'overdrive' piano.

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