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Sweet MIDI Player V2.7.4

This instrument is modelled after nylon Classical guitars. Three reference instruments, among these a concert guitar C9 by Luthier Jean-Marie Fouilleul, was used as basis for the model. For the attack part, a finger pick style has been chosen, which is natural given that this instrument is mainly used to play classical, flamenco and Latin music. The idea was to find a sweet spot regarding the amount of nail used during the attack. If it differs from your taste, it is easy to take advantage of the parameters of the model, in order to adjust the sound to the target style. A guitar mode has been designed to help keyboard players mimic the guitar player without limiting their playing, see section 5.3. Many of the most common guitar player techniques are available: legato, vibrato, glissando, pinch harmonics, palm mute and rasgueado. The model has been augmented by natural noises resulting from the interaction between the player and the instrument, including squeaking, rubbing and sliding sounds. Additionnal features, such as supplementary tunings, automatic or manual fingering, fast repetitions, hollow or solid body, reserved midi channels for midi guitar are offered. The instrument lets you explore a range of presets including some experimental ones, such as 12-string guitars and electric guitars. If the Amp effect from Pianoteq does not suit your needs, the bare preset is a great starting point for third-party Amp plug-ins.

Sweet MIDI Player V2.7.4


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