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not a bit of a chance. if you are playing heroes of might and magic 6, you are playing the latest version. for those of you who dont know, heroes of might and magic 6 is a remake of heroes of might and magic 3. in this version, you play as one of 4 factions (buttons and unit abilities).

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the night circus erin morgenstern (february 23, harpercollins) every day is a gamble for the people working at the night circus. anything could happenand often does. when you work at the night circus, you might be juggling flaming plates on the tip of your toes, or twisting the height of a pyramid into the perfect carousel. you might be playing footsie with featherweight perfection, or searching for the perfect partner for an act on ice. you might be getting dressed for an audience with the queen, or brainstorming the next big spectacle. at the night circus, you never know what will be asked of you, what challenge will be set, or what glorious trick you may have to perform. you are always completely free to say no.

the myth hunters catherynne m. valente (february 2, harper) in a city of myth and magic, a girl named rhapsody hears tales of the gods and monsters and lives between worlds. she lives in a place called the city of the fallen star, where monsters rule the streets, and only the most daring and skilled can hope to survive. rhapsody dreams of a secret library hidden beneath the city. she thinks of it as a safe haven where she can read the stories the city is made of, the stories of the creatures that live inside it, and the stories of the strange people who live there with her. she dreams of going there someday, but she is not sure if she will ever get the chance. she dreams of going there, and she dreams of going home.

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