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The Paradise Found brand of Aloha shirts has been around since the 1980s and has produced countless different prints. And while they always come up with new designs to keep up with the times, a handful of shirts have remained very popular over the decades.

buy red shirt

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The most famous of their shirts is the red Jungle Bird print. Tom Selleck wore the red version of this shirt in the opening credits of the 1980s TV series, Magnum PI as well as in several episodes. This shirt was inducted into the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian reportedly chose this shirt and other Magnum PI memorabilia because of the show and its positive portrayal of Vietnam veteran characters Thomas Magnum, TC, and Rick in an era when the US was still dealing with the scars of the Vietnam War. Jay Hernandez has also wore this shirt in the Magnum PI reboot.

The Paradise Found brand of Aloha shirts has been around since the 1980s and we have produced countless different prints. And while we always come up with new designs to keep up with the times, a handful of shirts have remained very popular over the decades. Sometimes we will release a new color of the design but we will always keep the most popular ones in production. We think of these as our Classics that have withstood the test of time.

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Tailoring involves creating new shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and hats at the sewing machine located inside Emily and Haley's house. Boots and shoes can also be custom-tailored, which does not create a new item, but transfers the stats from one pair to another.

Note that there are three shirts called "Bandana Shirt", none of which are dyeable. The non-dyeable "Sailor Shirt" chosen at character creation is visually nearly identical to the dyeable "Sailor Shirt" that can be created with a variety of fish, and has a dyeable neckerchief.

The Red Tuna crew searches the world for the top charter boats, marinas and fishing lodges on the planet. Every month, we deliver authentic, unique and top-quality shirts from these amazing destinations right to your door.

On September 11, 1992, Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai, causing nearly 2 billion dollars in damage. Among the businesses affected was a small screenprint shop. All of the white shirts waiting to be printed were drenched with water and stained with the red dirt blown in from the storm. In order to save the business, the resulting t-shirts, stained with the ultra iron-rich soil, were sold as "souvenirs" of the hurricane, and a dirt dyeing process was born.

Today, each dirt shirt is dyed with 100% pure red dirt and results in a shirt with the soft feel of velvet and the look of fine cognac. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, the rich color of your shirt will gradually fade over time, resulting in a beautiful buckskin color.

In 2006 right after I moved the organization out of my home into our first warehouse/office, we created the first Red Friday shirt: "Red's a military thing". At the same time, I was blasted with emails telling me that "Red Friday" was for Canadians and we live in America and I'd better stop the campaign. I ignored them and we kept right on going. I have understood all along that "Red Friday" originally came from Canada, but it made no difference to me. It was a great way to show solidarity for our military whether an individual had someone serving or not.

Fremennik red shirts can be bought from Yrsa's Accoutrements in Rellekka and Miscellanian Clothes Shop in Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon. The shirts come in five different colours; blue, red, brown, beige, and grey.

Thai anti-government "red shirt" protesters gesture during a rally at the Democracy monument, the site of bloody clashes with security forces last year, in Bangkok March 12, 2011. REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom

This fiery red shirt is a classic. Featuring our Maltese cross logo, the Fire Department Coffee Red Shirt is made with a blend of polyester and premium cotton. It looks great and feels great, too. Wear it with pride and show the world that you have excellent taste in both clothes and coffee.

Crafted from TACTEL in a bold red and off-white stripe, the new-season style has a lightweight feel with a dropped back hem and oversized, boyfriend fit silhouette. Our BUOY shirt also features our distinct YAITTE monogram.

It may have been a billboard on the highway. Or, perhaps an ad in a magazine. Your friend may have even bought a tee shirt that said INSPI(RED)". Whichever the avenue, you've likely been touched by the campaign whose mission is to end AIDS.

To continue the fight against AIDS, Gap has launched a capsule collection for the brand's 10 year partnership with (RED), which is now in select stores across the globe and online. You can support by showing how you wear your (RED) #endAids #wearegap or check out the film above which is part of Gap's inspirational (RED) storytelling series. The films are also hosted on and their social media channels to show how a shirt really can change the world.

What's next? Well, first, watching Turning Red a few more times. Then, letting loose and scrolling this selection for the ultimate Turning Red shopping spree. Need a little inspo to get going? Peep collection faves like our Disney Pixar Turning Red Backpack Girls T-shirt, our Disney Pixar Turning Red 4-Town Boy Band Girls T-shirt, or even our Disney Pixar Turning Red RPG Boyfriend Fit Girls T-shirt. 041b061a72

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